Who benefits from the KEi and how?

Business will improve productivity and launch new enterprises through:

  • Easier access to Australia’s data science talent to work on business challenges.
  • Having a trusted intermediary to make data available to researchers for insights.
  • Access to partners and their commercial-grade IoT technology to enable new business models and start-ups.

Government benefits through:

  • Having a key service to stimulate digital innovation driving productivity, exports and jobs.

  • Saving money by having one national institute providing a professional platform and data services to all universities and research organisations.

  • Creating greater research impact with a systematic way of getting research out of the lab and into business.

Research organisations will improve research outcomes and impact through:

  • Access to rich data sets at lower costs.
  • Professional data services and support.
  • Greater opportunities to work with industry solving real problems.
  • More opportunities to commercialise and demonstrate impact.