An innovative Australian social enterprise

The Knowledge Economy Institute (KEi), is an innovative Australian social enterprise dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of digital technology to solve the biggest challenges facing Australia and the world today. It brings together business, researchers, government and society in one single focussed effort.

The KEi gathers a key asset – our data – makes it more useable and then, with the help of powerful tools and careful privacy protection, brings the possibility of unparalleled innovation and growth.

The digital revolution is making it possible to know things that were previously hidden from us.  We can now see patterns, connections and interdependencies that will allow us to solve complex problems, make better decisions and monitor impacts in real-time. The possibilities are endless. We can use data to see the connection between air pollution, hospital admissions for kids with asthma, and school attendance rates. Or we could combine data from tractors applying fertilisers, with weather data and understand run-off patterns that affects the food safety of our aquaculture products. We can use data to predict patterns and take action to save money and improve products and services. 

To take advantage of the digital revolution, Australia needs to develop new products, new services and business models. We also need to make sure that everyone can participate in this transformation. This is where the KEi comes in. Our purpose is to bring the power of digital technology and big data to all so that together we can solve complex problems through collaboration and innovation.