How the KEi and the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre work together

Last week, we officially launched the Knowledge Econonomy Institute (KEi) at the AIIA IoT Summit in Canberra. Only the week before, KEi founders Sirca and Cisco also announced the launch of Cisco's Internet of Everything Innovation Centre (CIIC), together with Curtin University who will host the Perth lab.

So how do these two initiatives relate to each other?

The KEi, led by Sirca CEO Dr Michael Briers, includes Cisco, Bosch, RoZetta, Curtin University (Curtin) and the University of Tasmania (UTas). The CIIC is an integral part of the KEi, and the CIIC Sydney lab will be based at Sirca.

Cisco's Kevin Bloch (CTO) explains:

"Simply stated, CIIC will focus on the infrastructure from sensor to cloud (the data centre and compute engines) while the KEi will focus on what you do with the data -- the analytics. This interoperation is critical for the success of the Internet of Everything (IoE). This sharply aligns with Cisco's strengths and the announcements, common partners, goals, messaging are no coincidence – this has been in planning since early last year."

The KEi connects thought leaders from Australia and around the world who are leading the development of the IoT and the amazing data science opportunities it brings. All of the KEi partners share the vision of growing and accelerating the "Internet of Everything" and bringing those benefits to Australian companies, communities and citizens.


Positive Reactions to CISCO's IoE Innovation Centre Announcement

Cisco and Sirca Announce the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre

Chuck Robbins announcing the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre at Cisco Live in Melbourne.

Chuck Robbins announcing the Cisco Internet of Everything Innovation Centre at Cisco Live in Melbourne.

Cisco, together with industry partners and Sirca, announced the formation of the Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centre at the Cisco Live event in Melbourne today (18 March 2015). 

The Centre will bring together Cisco experts, Australian researchers and start-ups, to develop proof of concepts, features and functionalities and rapid prototyping for the IoE. The Centre includes dedicated space to demonstrate IoE in action and open areas where customers, startups, open communities, researchers, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts are invited to work and brainstorm on new ideas and technologies.

Dr. Michael Briers, CEO Sirca said: “Sirca’s involvement in the Centre is an important opportunity to work with global leaders such as Cisco, as well as other partners to develop solutions for the knowledge economy. We have a proven track record in handling very large data sets and providing data analysis for organizations to enable better visibility and decision support.”

"The Centre will also be an opportunity for our 40 member universities and their world class researchers to work with industry partners and start-ups on some of the major challenges that we believe can be addressed through technology and the Internet of Everything." 

The official opening of the Centre is planned for 2015 and will include locations in Sydney at Sirca, and in Perth at Curtin University. 

More details are available at the Cisco Innovation Centre website.