The KEI works with partners to implement proof-of-concept projects that demonstrate the real-world benefits of IoT:

  • Use professional facilitators to help design and manage research and innovation initiatives from the first idea all the way through to commercialisation.
  • Create cutting edge IoT technology.
  • Give access to the right data, the right partners and the best research talent..

Internet of Things Alliance Australia, est. 2016

The IoT Alliance Australia is the peak Australian IoT Body. Its vision is to empower industry to grow Australia's competitive advantage through IoT. It aims to accelerate IoT innovation and adoption through: collaboration across industry, government, research and communities; enabling, evidence-based policy and regulation; and identifying strategic opportunities for economic growth and social benefit.

The KEi worked closely with the IoT Think Tank and Communications Alliance to kick off the IoT Alliance Australia. IoTAA was incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in July 2016, emerging from the Communications Alliance IoT Think Tank, established in 2015. The IoTAA held its first Board meeting in November 2016.

IoTAA currently has 400 members from approximately 200 organisations across its seven workstreams.

IoTAA is hosted and supported by the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) at its
Broadway Campus in Sydney.

All enquiries to hello(AT)iot(DOT)org(DOT)au

Food Agility CRC 

In March 2017, it was announced that the Food Agility consortium will be funded with $50m over ten years through the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres program. The Food Agility CRC aims to accelerate service innovation across the agri-food value chain, enabled by data and collaboration.

The Food Agility CRC brings together 55 participants from food, technology and research sectors guided by agile methods to achieve our vision. The CRC will integrate the agile culture and processes of the digital economy through a whole-of-value-chain lens for fresh and processed food. It will develop and use digital technologies for sharing data to build brand, markets, jobs and exports across the food value chain so that:

  • producers can capture value by responding to rapidly changing consumer preferences
  • exceptional quality and food safety records can drive our brand
  • environmentally and socially sustainable practices are driven by data
  • reduced risks incentivise investment
  • a digitally capable workforce drives productivity and higher margins
  • trans-disciplinary research solves business problems and
  • industry can access social media and consumer preference market insights.


TULIP: Technology for Urban Liveability Project

Harnessing the Internet of Things to track the health of the urban environment, advocate for positive change and support sustainable, flourishing communities.

As the intersecting pressures of climate change, increasing urban density, energy and water security increase, the challenge of urban liveability rises.  Emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are for the first time enabling relatively low-cost deployment of environmental sensor networks that can capture data in real-time. This has the potential to disrupt and influence urban development agendas.

TULIP is running a pilot deployment of environmental sensors in central Sydney, deploying a LoRaWAN network in Sydney with sensors that measure noxious gases, fine particles, temperature and noise – all factors that contribute strongly to urban liveability.

TULIP is a collaborative team including the Total Environment Centre (TEC), UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT), the Knowledge Economy Institute (KEI), the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), the UTS School of Life Sciences, Meshed, Skygrid and Wattwatchers.

TULIP is actively seeking partners.

Market Insights and Information Portal for FIAL

The Market Insights & Information portal will use real-time data to deliver market and product insights.

The Market Insights & Information portal will use real-time data to deliver market and product insights.

This online portal will provide up-to-date information and data through one channel to help businesses access new markets. Businesses use real-time information to make more informed decisions that can underpin their strategy.

The Market Insights & Information (MII) portal consolidates information from a number of sources to produce qualitative and quantitative insights to support businesses interested in entering new markets, both domestically and overseas.

The portal includes close to 350 reports, that are easy to access and digest, focusing on 38 product categories across 8 key Asian markets. Key features include:

  • real time data
  • market and product insights
  • consumer trend analysis
  • market comparisons
  • free to join
  • downloadable reports.

Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) is working with the Knowledge Economy Institute (KEI), UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT) and Industrie IT in developing the online portal.

At the moment we’re busy building MII, but we expect to have it up and running in May 2017 - and it will be free to use!

If you want to be one of the first to use this tool, register your interest at We’ll tell you once it’s live.